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tromana ([personal profile] tromana) wrote2011-08-31 12:19 am

Excuse me for a second whilst I flail randomly.


Thanks to [ profile] miss_peg and of course, Owain for making this happen.


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It's wonderful to see the way he interacts with us all. But if he starts yammering about Chigsby action figures again...I don't know if my libido can handle that.

Re: :D

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I have my twitter account set to private, personally, but I love the fact that he is so well connected to his fans. It's so special... and oh the Chigsby figures, yes, my mind went there too!

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That is just AWESOME! I love how he actually cares about his fans/fans of the show in general. Definitely my favorite celeb Twitter right now. :)

(Er, don't have any Rigsby/Owain icons. SB will have to do. xD)

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It is! And he's definitely mine too - I've never seen a celeb so connected to fans on twitter, so it's really refreshing.

(Hah. I only have two. Out of 115. That feels bad. Especially as one is Van Pelt too.)

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*flails randomly with Pop*

I <3 Owain. Damn his awesomeness and all around adorableness.

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*flails randomly again*

Me too. As Autumn said, best celeb on twitter. :D

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Freaking out here and getting weird looks from my siblings. :) I am now in love with Owain.

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His twittering antics have kept me amused for a while. This just made him all the more awesome in my eyes. :-)

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Me too. I smile every time he Tweets something, and now. . . I'm going to smile even bigger. I'm smiling like an idiot now, and I just finished a victory dance around the kitchen. What am I going to do?