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ART: Tears Of My Heart (Skins Big Bang 2011)

Title: Tears Of My Heart
Artist: [ profile] tromana
Author: [ profile] miss_peg
Artist Notes: As ever, it's a pleasure to work with the wonderful [ profile] miss_peg. The story is phenomenal, as one might expect of her, and I don't think I've done it justice. But it was fun to try.
Link to story: here!


1. Overture - from Ghost the Musical. General


2. Brave - Idina Menzel. Cook

Don't know just where I'm going
And tomorrow, it's a little overwhelming
And the air is cold
And I'm not the same anymore

3. Cry - Natalie Anderson. Naomi and Cook

I knew a man with a troubled heart
Sometimes he looked like a monster, wide-eyed
He scared me to my soul
He was the joker, the mad-man
Shouting so loud I prayed I was invisible
So he wouldn't see me cry
So he couldn't see me cry

4. Weak - Julie Atherton. Cook

Weak as I am, no tears for you
Weak as I am, no tears for you
Deep as I am, I'm no one's fool
Weak as I am

5. Endless Night - from The Lion King the Musical. Cook

You promised you'd be there
Whenever I needed you
Whenever I call your name
You're not anywhere
I'm trying to hold on
Just waiting to hear your voice
One word, just a word will do
To end this nightmare

6. Better - Brooke Fraser. Naomi and Cook

I would give anything to make you better
I would give anything to point you to free
I would give anything to help you realize
I loved you 'til it killed me
So my logic wouldn't hurt you
I know you might blame me anyway
Well I'm sorry, I'm so sorry

7. Secret - Missy Higgins. General

Cos you've got a secret don't ya babe?
Yeah you, you got a secret don't ya babe?
And I should know
Yeah I should know

8. Slipping Through My Fingers - ABBA. Gina and Naomi

Sleep in our eyes, her and me at the breakfast table
Barely awake I let precious time go by
Then when she's gone, there's that odd melancholic feeling
And a sense of guilt I can't deny
What happened to the wonderful adventures
The places I had planned for us to go
Well, some of that we did, but most we didn't
And why, I just don't know

9. Fragile - Delta Goodrem. Gina

Six thoughts at once I can't focus on one
Seven days a week but my life has just begun
So caught in emotion and I'm overcome
As I'm falling down I come undone

10. Remember - Dianne Pilkington. Emily

We never considered that having no responsibilities
Was something to cherish and to hold
For we were younger then and we couldn't wait to grow old.

11. Should’ve Kept My Eyes Shut - The Beautiful South. Cook

I would've kept my eyes shut
But I thought I heard you scream
And I've a penchant for violence
You don't seem to find in a dream

12. Pavane Op. 5 - Faure. General


13. My Own Worst Enemy - Idina Menzel. Gina and Naomi

My mother's always trying to tell me how to be grateful, how to believe
My father's always trying to say "baby you're beautiful, in everyway"
My lover's always got me in his arms trying to protect me, keep me from harm
so why do I always have to be my worst, my own worst enemy?

14. Tell Me It’s Not True - from Blood Brothers. Naomi, Cook and Gina

Tell me it's not true,
Say it's just a story,
Something on the news.

15. Forgive Me - Missy Higgins. Gina, Naomi and Cook

Oh my son look at what I've done
But I am learning still
Learning still
Know that I am learning still

excuse the male pov for the rest of the song

16. Nothing Stops Another Day - from Ghost the Musical. Gina, Naomi and Cook

I see the sun rise from my window
It must of risen every day
But I couldn't see at all
The shadows were too tall
But I'm seeing it today

17. Perfect Circle - Katie Melua. General

And even when I'm walking straight
I always end up in a perfect circle.
Oh I try but I just can't wait,
To break out of this perfect circle.

18. Epilogue - Brooke Fraser. General


YouTube Playlist.

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I wish I had an icon that was made up solely of hearts.

I didn't expect a wallpaper. I do love wallpapers. I just can't make them. I may have to wait to use it though, Amanda Righetti is too beautiful to be pushed to one side so soon.

FANMIX! You know how much I love those, you know I wanted one and you know it's already sounding pretty darn amazing from the lyrics I've just read through. I love it. I can't wait to listen when I get home from work.

I love that I now have artystuff with Gina in...Gina on Cook's cheek. Ow. My heart aches.

And Wanda, oh Wanda, you're almost exactly how I imagined you would be. <3

THANK YOU SO MUCH MY WONDERFUL, AMAZING TRACIO! <3 Love and *hugs* xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Lisbon icon for you.

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And Van Pelt in return. LOL. Our TM women are awesome <3

Aw, bless you. Really, it was an honour to do it. Though I hate making art sometimes and felt so overwhelmingly out of practice. Thank goodness for PIR making me open Photoshop in order to actually deal with these things.

The wallpaper was fun to make! I find them... okay to make, sometimes. Depends on my mood. And the pictures. Luckily, these guys all wanted to play ball. :p

YAY. The fanmix was what I was most nervous about, as I drove you mad talking about it. Seriously, it took far too long for it all to click into place.

Gina needs more love, definitely. :D

I HAVE NO SHAME IN MAKING A WANDA ICON. It took a long while for me to find a guinea pig that looked 'right'. I coulda used an old picture of Sam... but he was ginger and white. :p

THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH AN INSPIRING STORY. *hugs* I can't wait to read it again, after I've watched those last four episodes of S4. :D

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Oooh I love these. Great mix choices too. Missy Higgins, Brooke Fraser and Queen Idina. Excellent *runs off to read*

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Thanks very much! I'm glad you approve of the mix. Love those ladies. <3 And I hope you enjoy the fic. I think it's wonderful! :D
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These are amazing. ♥

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Thank you very much!

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So much beautiful art!!!

Okay, as lovely as everything is, I simply loved the 'Wanda' icon. I don't know what it is about animals that makes me just... aweeeee... you know? It all goes perfectly with the fic, which is always a plus!

Once I get home I'll have to check out the songs listed on the fanmix, because I can't really do so now.

So much amazingness though!!

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Thank you very much! I know what you mean about Wanda though; when I read the fic, I knew I had to make a Wanda icon.

Hope you enjoy the fanmix. <3