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There's just ONE WEEK to go for author sign ups for the Mentalist Big and Mini Bangs over on [ profile] mentalist_bb
Mini Bang|Big Bang
Sign Ups Masterlist
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Thanks to [ profile] miss_peg and of course, Owain for making this happen.
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Jello Forever is currently running the Mentalist Big Bang and we're currently short of at least two fanartists!

I'm looking for people to illustrate the following two fics:




We accept fanart in virtually every form from videos to fanmixes to wallpapers to banners and more! I'd really appreciate it if somebody came forward to do one (or both!) of these authors.

There may be other authors available to illustrate for in the future - I just want to make sure every author has two artists first.

Even if you're not a member and want to join in without joining, I'd be more than happy to post your art to Jello Forever on your behalf and help put you in contact with these two authors.


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[ profile] mentalistprompt

A new Mentalist fanfic writing comm, set up by [ profile] diviniaserit and I.

The Concept?

Once a week, a new prompt will be posted to the community. Write a drabble/oneshot/longer in response and post to the community when you're done. That's all there is to it!

First prompt is up - Something New

[ profile] mentalistprompt [ profile] mentalistprompt [ profile] mentalistprompt
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Mentalist fans!

Come join [ profile] red_johns_smile, the new Mentalist Challenge community. We welcome entrants for any type of creative endeavour - fanfic, fanart etc.

First challenge will be up September 1st.

So join and join in!


Mar. 2nd, 2009 12:00 pm
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[ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin

Come one, come all to [ profile] itsaboutgin, the community dedicated to all things Iris Wildthyme.

Iris was sadly lacking in a community, so [ profile] sneakyangel and I, well, actually, mainly me, thought something should be done about it.

So, come join us on the bus at [ profile] itsaboutgin

[ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin [ profile] itsaboutgin
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A final reminder that signups for our ficathon close in 2 days time (on January 7th). We're welcoming any Big Finish character prompts, so don't worry if you can't write for her!! we ask for one prompt you supply to include her, however...

Sign Up Now!!!!!

And because I feel guilty about spamming you with ficathon stuff, here's 3 icons I made over the weekend:


Sign Up Now!!!!!
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Just a quick reminder that the ficathon sign-ups at [ profile] princesserimem  close in just 12 days time, on the 7th of January!

If you have any questions, please visit here or e-mail the mods at

Even better, sign up now.
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[info]tracertwins is the new community for Amy and Zara, and all things Key 2 Time.

This may seem a little early, but[info]sneakyangel
  and I have been looking forward to this for months!

So head on over and join in the excitement!

[info]tracertwins [info]tracertwins  [info]tracertwins [info]tracertwins  [info]tracertwins [info]tracertwins 
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The Fantasy Script is desperately seeking new members!

Owned by [ profile] fifth_sister (and I help run it), we are down to just 4 active members right now, and are looking for more!

This forum is mainly for writing (about anything, any rating!), but we welcome people who just want to read, meet other people or even make graphics.


We have many writing challenges, including 3 Wishes, FANFIC:100 (for the crazy) and our drabble tag, which has been going on for over a year!

We would love to see you there!

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I created a new Erimem comm (in a scary pyschic way with [info]sneakyangel).

Please join [info]princesserimem

 That is all.


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The Fantasy Script

The Fantasy Script was set up by my friend, [info]fifth_sister, in dedication to a FanFiction written with members of Delta Goodrem's Official Forum. It has since become a multi-fandom FanFic site, for fiction of all genres and all ages. We also want people who are creative in other mediums to join us, too, because of late activity has gone significantly downhill.

We currently have a drabble-tag running, basically between 2 of us, so we really would like some more people to join in.

We have also LITERALLY just started FANFIC:100 - 100 prompts for 100 fics. (although if you twist our arms, I'm sure we'll let you apply it to graphics or something...)

So yes, please, please join us.

It's fun... honestly!

ETA: My username is HearMeCalling over there...


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