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Title: Tears Of My Heart
Artist: [ profile] tromana
Author: [ profile] miss_peg
Artist Notes: As ever, it's a pleasure to work with the wonderful [ profile] miss_peg. The story is phenomenal, as one might expect of her, and I don't think I've done it justice. But it was fun to try.
Link to story: here!

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Title: Guilt
Artist: [ profile] tromana
Author: [ profile] miss_peg
Artist's Notes: I'm not a member of Skins fandom. I haven't even watched the show. I have, however, beta'd a couple of Naomi/Emily fics on behalf of [ profile] miss_peg and that's where this comes in.

I had the honour of betaing her [ profile] skins_bigbang fic, entitled Guilt. This inspired me to make these for her. It's not much, but I wanted to.
Story Link: Here!

click for larger

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1x SJA (Clyde, Sarah Jane, Rani)
1x Doctor Who (Romana/Leela)
43x The Mentalist
- 5x Jane
- 11x Lisbon
- 3x Van Pelt
- 7x Rigsby
- 1x Cho
- 8x Cho one-liners
- 7x Jane/Lisbon
- 1x Jane/Cho

1x Rigsby/Van Pelt
3x Jane/Lisbon
1x Lisbon

Jane/Lisbon (Wicked lyrics)

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14 icons of Lisbon and Jane from 1.02 Red Hair and Silver Tape

Entry for the August 2009 Jello-Forever Challenge. Theme: Mistakes.

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You can tell when I like something. I go a little mad, especially when it comes to me and making graphics (shock horror).


12 x icons, 1 x banner )
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I never normally make this many icons in one day!

Spoilers for Key 2 Time under the cut. )
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A final reminder that signups for our ficathon close in 2 days time (on January 7th). We're welcoming any Big Finish character prompts, so don't worry if you can't write for her!! we ask for one prompt you supply to include her, however...

Sign Up Now!!!!!

And because I feel guilty about spamming you with ficathon stuff, here's 3 icons I made over the weekend:


Sign Up Now!!!!!


Oct. 14th, 2008 12:25 pm
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Someone *cough*[ profile] sneakyangel *cough* encouraged me to start making icons.



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