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Title: Distinction
Author: [ profile] tromana
Rating: T
Characters: Naomi/Emily, Jenna
Summary: Sometimes, Emily swears that Jenna Fitch doesn’t actually see her daughters as two individuals, but as a unit, a whole.
Disclaimer: I do not own Skins. I’m still just getting used to the characters as it is.
Notes: Written for [ profile] writeskins. Prompt: Individuality. Set early S4.

She's always being compared to Katie by her mother. )
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Title: Internecine
Author: [ profile] tromana
Rating: T
Characters: Naomi/Emily
Summary: But she couldn’t let that happen. Couldn’t let somebody have that power over her again. 
Disclaimer: I do not own Skins. Probably a good thing as this is not good.
Notes: Set early S4. Happy Birthday, [ profile] reddawg82. Written for [ profile] writeskins
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Title: Tears Of My Heart
Artist: [ profile] tromana
Author: [ profile] miss_peg
Artist Notes: As ever, it's a pleasure to work with the wonderful [ profile] miss_peg. The story is phenomenal, as one might expect of her, and I don't think I've done it justice. But it was fun to try.
Link to story: here!

come what may, nothing stops another day. )
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Title: Guilt
Artist: [ profile] tromana
Author: [ profile] miss_peg
Artist's Notes: I'm not a member of Skins fandom. I haven't even watched the show. I have, however, beta'd a couple of Naomi/Emily fics on behalf of [ profile] miss_peg and that's where this comes in.

I had the honour of betaing her [ profile] skins_bigbang fic, entitled Guilt. This inspired me to make these for her. It's not much, but I wanted to.
Story Link: Here!

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