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Title: Distinction
Author: [ profile] tromana
Rating: T
Characters: Naomi/Emily, Jenna
Summary: Sometimes, Emily swears that Jenna Fitch doesn’t actually see her daughters as two individuals, but as a unit, a whole.
Disclaimer: I do not own Skins. I’m still just getting used to the characters as it is.
Notes: Written for [ profile] writeskins. Prompt: Individuality. Set early S4.


“What did you expect?” her mother says. “That girl was no good, I always said that. This is what you get for doing something so… wrong. Girls don’t sleep with other girls. You need a man, like Katie has.”

Katie, Katie, Katie.

She’s always being compared to Katie by her mother. Always. Because Katie is so perfect. She’s just like their mum and anyone can immediately see just how close they are. That’s something she’s never shared with either of their parents. Emily has always been just there, hidden in the shadows, another mouth to feed. Katie’s the one who steals the limelight; it’s just the way it is. It’s the way their family works and it’s going to take something pretty drastic to change that.

Sometimes, Emily swears that Jenna Fitch doesn’t actually see her daughters as two individuals, but as a unit, a whole. After all, once upon a time, in her womb, they had been just the one child. Somewhere along the line, the cell decided to split into two and make two babies instead of one.

Two babies who had grown into two very different young women.

Not that their mother could see it.

“It’s for the best, really, isn’t it Rob?” Jenna continues, oblivious to the fact that Emily really doesn’t need this now. “Rob? Didn’t I just say this is better for her?”

Her dad isn’t even in the room, he’s somewhere else entirely. Probably giving James a hard time for something or other. He had been in the middle of comforting her, when he had to rush off with pretty much no explanation, after all.

Still, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, she loves Naomi. Always has done and part of her suspects that she always will. And Naomi has completely destroyed her world, her faith in love, in happiness. Over the summer, things had been wonderful. Brilliant, even. It had been like they were trapped in their own little bubble and nobody could destroy it.

Until she found out about Sophia. About the lies, the deception, the untruths. Whatever you wanted to call it. It’s all the same thing.

It means Naomi doesn’t love her back. Or not as much as she thought, anyway. Not enough to stop her from straying into another woman’s arms.

Emily snorts and starts coughing as snot catches the back of her throat. How disgusting. Naomi has reduced her to a gibbering mess - in front of her mother, no less. At least her dad had offered a hug and listened to her convoluted ramblings about how much she hates Naomi now before passing her over to his wife.

Except, she doesn’t hate Naomi. Not in the slightest. She just hates what she’s done and the effect that it has on her.

It’s taken a long time for Emily to build up her confidence, to get herself to a level when she’s willing to admit to her fucking homophobic mother that she likes girls. That she’s gay and she’s never going to be like Katie and start shagging men on a regular basis. JJ was a one off and she’s never going to go back there again. It helped him and it helped her too; she knows for certain that she doesn’t find men sexually attractive at all.

And now, she’s back to fucking square one with her mum thinking that Naomi was the experiment and not the other way around. Any second now, she’s going to ask whatever the hell happened to that dear, sweet JJ and that they had made such a sweet couple. That she was stupid to dump him for Naomi.

Because JJ, even with all of his problems, would be normal to her. Compared to Naomi, at the very least. Something that Jenna could handle, because it meant that both her daughters were still exactly the same as one another and not all that different at all.

“Hey, hey, there’s no need to cry,” Jenna coos soothingly, stroking Emily’s hair as she does so. “This is a good thing, sweetheart. It means you’ve got your experimentation phase out of you and now, you can focus on finding the right man.”

She wants to swear, to scream and shout. To explain that this isn’t some stupid bloody phase that she’ll just grow out of. That this isn’t her way of trying to get attention, to stop them from focusing entirely on Katie and James. Being gay is part of who she, Emily Fitch, is.

And just because Emily has had her heart torn out and shattered into a thousand tiny pieces, it doesn’t mean that she’s suddenly going to turn into Katie Fucking Fitch.

Because she can’t, and won’t. She’s her own person and no amount of wishing or belittling by her mother is ever going to change that.

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